Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Listen. Look. Feel.

Part I

The sound of hearts breaking -
not just surface cracks,
like ice at the first breath of Spring,
but the shudder and boom
of a fault line
reaching its limits.

The raised fists,
the open palms.
the middle finger -
even our hands are unsure.
Fight, question, or give up?

When you kill them,
you kill us all -
black, white, kaleidoscope.
Create a world of distrust
and blame,
hatred and arrogance,
nobody wins
and we are all your victims.

If I was a wizard -
had a magic wand to wave,
or a word to make it all
go away, but no.
I don't understand my role
or know my lines,
so I say,
Listen. Look. Feel.

Part II

I'm sorry -
such feeble words
are barely a spark
against the
great dark injustice
that thickens the air you live in.
But I am.

I know
you know
we are not all
like that -
fearfully hateful.
We have love.
We want to help.
We are trying.

I am crying -
my heart split from another
My hands are unsure -
wanting to keep
friends and their children
safe, but who am I
and how do I?
So, I write,
I beg,
I plead.

Listen. Look. Feel.

by Barb Black
September 21, 2016

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  1. Major love for this. Seems to have a familiar vibe to lives close by. Thank you again for your way with words.